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Marrakech Fast Track
Save up to 20% on your airoport transfer by booking one of our services
Fully licensed and bonded

The Moroccan tourism authority granted Fast Track Marrakech a license - number: 44/17 - that allows us to compete fairly and provides us with the amazing advantage to offer competitive and reasonable prices.

A stellar reputation

Our quality service and efficient planning made us one of the leading companies in the business. We ensure the smooth sailing of your airport experience. Our goal is for you to arrive in a better mood and shape.

Satisfactory services

Our services are extended to all types of travelers. You’ll be where you need to be in a timely manner, and without having to stress. Leave the queue lines, baggage, duty-free shopping, and complicated procedures to us - relax, enjoy your journey, and admire Marrakech’s airport.

Book Marrakech Fast Track and Marrakech airport lounge - enjoy stress-free travel

fast track Marrakech
  • Fast Track Pass
  • Airport Lounge Pass
To or from your gate, your personal agent will fast track you through the airport.

Booking Lead Time (hrs) 24 Airport Time Zone (GMT) +1

From 19.00€
fast track Marrakech
  • Fast Track Pass
  • Airport Lounge Pass
Take a shower and relax on arrival in one of our airport arrival lounges.

Booking Lead Time (hrs) 1 Airport Time Zone (GMT) +1

From 18.00€
Fast track Marrakech
  • Fast Track Pass
  • Airport Lounge Pass
Upgrade your meet and assist service to include lounge access on arrival or departure.

Booking Lead Time (hrs) 24 Airport Time Zone (GMT) +1

From 34.00€

Bypass all lines, make use of expedited procedures, and enjoy your personal helper.

Throughout your airport journey, Fast Track Marrakech’s concierge will be alongside you. They will be assisting you from start to finish. Any mishap that happens to present itself will be omitted. Nothing goes over our heads, and we’re always, unlike aeroplanes, quick to land.

Your Fast Track Marrakech concierge will be able to earn VAT refunds for you, as well as assist you with your duty-free shopping – from now on, it’ll become stress-free. Your concierge will be with you at all times, and since they’re the “airport experts” they will be going through the airport’s endeavors instead. Be ready to go right through, and arrive at your destination – whether you’re departing, arriving, or connecting.

Your airline status does not matter, you can use Fast Track Marrakech without the need to have any special status, everyone will be escorted – hastily.

Immigration, customs clearance, and security will all be expedited. Not only that, but we’ll also lend you a good hand with the extras. If you’re in the mood, you may ask your agent to escort you to Marrakech’s airport lounge. There, you can relax and unwind as you wait for your flight, grab a drink before you head home, or get your tasks done prior to taking off.

Our prices are competitive and the most convenient in the business. Since we’re a licensed Fast Track operator, the government is allowing us the opportunity to maintain a fixed and reasonable price.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to assist you – over the phone, online, and during your airport journey. With Fast Track Marrakech, you have the simple task of deciding on what to do with the extra time, and we can even help with that.

Depart quickly, and effectively

You will be met, escorted, and provided with:

  • Porter service
  • Check-in assistance
  • VAT refund and duty-free assistance
  • Gate escort
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Smart and fun connections

You will be met, escorted, and provided with:

  • Terminal connection
  • Expediting customs and immigration
  • Baggage re-check
  • Expediting security clearance
  • Escort to lounge
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Arrive conveniently, and at ease

Your arrivals will be enjoyable and hassle-free. We’ll gladly set you with:

  • Ground transportation
  • Porter service
  • Expedited security clearance, immigration, and customs
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Fast track Marrakech

We’ll take great care of you!

Enjoy a hassle-free, hasty, and delightful airport experience.

Straightforward online booking

You may book your Fast Track Marrakech services online 24/7. You’ll love the simplicity, the attendant’s attention, and the quality service.

Fair and reasonable prices

Your booking includes all-inclusive rates, and our prices are the best in the market.

A gratifying experience

Fast Track Marrakech’s team focuses on punctuality, strategies, and your overall experience.

Upgrade your travel experience and travel luxuriously

Raise your standards, and get used to the highest. Booking your Fast Track Marrakech service is as easy as going through the airport

1 Decide on a service

Effortless, and clear.

2 Book your selected service

Fill a simple booking form to book your service.

3 Voila!

Enjoy your Fast Track Marrakech and rejoice in our services.

Depart peacefully

You will definitely appreciate our services after you get to enjoy that extra hour with your family. You will be greeted before you enter the airport, and escorted through all procedures. Board your flight in a timely manner, and make use of your extra time.
  • Fast Track immigration and customs
  • Expedited security
  • Escort to gate
  • Porter service
  • VAT refund assistance
  • Tailored Duty-free shopping experience

Joyous arrivals

Usually, arrivals tend to be tiring - especially if you’ve been flying internationally. Well, we have turned that upside down and international flights have become enjoyable. You will be greeted at your gate, and whisked through customs and immigration in a timely manner. Instead of standing in queue lines, you’ll be taking a stroll.
  • Baggage assistance
  • Ground transportation assistance
  • Car rental assistance
  • Expedited security
  • Porter service

Eventful transfers

If you’re on a connecting flight, your airport experience will likely become stressful. It feels like you have to take an aeroplane just to get to the other side of the airport - not with Fast Track Marrakech. You will have a minimum wait, and if the time allows, you will be escorted to Marrakech’s airport lounge. After a nourishing break, you’ll be escorted through all the necessary check-ups and procedures
  • Fast Track immigration and customs
  • Personal agent
  • Porter service
  • Terminal transfer assistance
  • Tailored Duty-free shopping experience

An optimal and convenient choice for

VIP travellers

Comfort is vital. And we understand that. We’ll get you feeling sprightly as you go through the airport. Let us deal with the airport’s demands, and you plan for lunch.

Business passengers

We glorify the adage “ time is money” and we couldn't agree more. You’ll have a productive and quick experience. Our attendants will make sure to whisk you through the airport’s bustling atmosphere.

Families and groups

Travelling with your family and children, and in a group exemplifies unity and love - two things that make our company stand out. Everyone will have a delightful time with us.

Marrakech airport lounge

The Marrakech Airport Lounge is what every busy, tired, and bored soul needs. Omit the stress and engage in unwinding and relaxing activities. Busy bees may manage their workload. If you’re in a particularly chipper mood, you may delight in nourishing cocktails.

Marrakech airport lounge

Purchase Marrakech Airport Lounge Access Starting at 28€

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Marrakech airport lounge